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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to The Truthful Patriot!

After a couple years of retirement, I have decided to try to do something a little outside the box. I have decided to launch a new blog and it will be going live in less than a couple of weeks! This will be a great way for myself to give my opinion on recent events locally, or globally. My goal is to post something weekly about recent events happening in our world today. My grandson, or my I.T. guy is the one that made this professional website that you see.

I want this blog to be a good place to also give your opinions as well. When I was serving you as council member for 12 years your voice was heard and I want to continue that here at the Truthful Patriot!


  • Mike Gunn

    You have my support sir. And I do want to thank you for your service and insight.

  • Robert Mehling

    Welcome to the South Dakota Blog World from TheSiouxEmpire.com crew!

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