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In Memory of: Bob Jamison

In Memory of: Bob Jamison

     I was never so surprised as when I saw an electronic billboard with a picture of Bob Jamison with the statement “R.I.P., 1930-2017.”  While he was getting on in years, it was still difficult to accept the fact that as a mortal human being Bob Jamison had reached his final destination.   Part of the sadness over his passing had to do with the fact that he was genuinely a nice person.
     For a number of years,  Bob and I had served on the Sioux Falls City Council together, sometimes seated next to each other.  He was always kind to me in part because we both had served as officers in the Air Force and in part because of his natural kindness and toleration extended to anyone political or nonpolitical.  For example,  when voting, we might agree and vote the same way on a key issue and then a few minutes later vote completely different from his own.  Bob was always respectful to those who presented those ideas.  Bob Jamison’s life was an example for all elected officials to follow from the city council level to state legislatures to the national congress–a good life, well-lived.

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